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Key Accomplishments I Will Build On

Housing and Homelessness

  • 1000 units of deed-restricted housing 

  • The first decline in our homeless numbers in a decade in 2024

  • More than doubled our shelter capacity in under 3 years

  • Co-creator of a regional response office that is now a statewide pilot

  • Served an important advocacy role with our state and federal partners and the public

  • Shepherded through shelter code amendments and a humane camping code

  • Important funding to create missing middle housing

  • Created, convened, and facilitated an all-hands-on-deck roundtable with federal agencies and local and state representatives on unsanctioned camping in our forests

  • Worked with our legislators to create a process to bring the Stevens Road tract into the City, with provisions to provide educator housing and more affordable housing


  • With Representative Levy and Commute Options, worked on e-bike safety legislation, promoted e-bike education, and provided resources on the city website. Introduced the concept of Bend Bike Night and an e-bike assembly at a local middle school

  • Increased police budget to include adding positions to help the police department respond to crimes against children and communicate better with the public

  • Supported and helped direct resources for an alternative response to mental health crisis, resulting in 60% less calls needing police response

  • Established Police Chief’s Advisory Council

  • Hired more firefighters and EMS personnel, successfully passed fire levy

  • Passed code to create clearer rules about when, where, and how people can shelter on the public rights of way in Bend, the first code of its type for our city. Simultaneously passed a resolution recommitting to our work to create places for people to go so they don’t have to shelter on our streets

  • Provided a new police data dashboard to create more transparency and provide information to the public about public safety calls in every neighborhood

  • Fireworks ban for fire safety


  • Funded and helped hire the City’s first ever Director of Diversity and Inclusion

  • Served as the Council Liaison to the Human Rights and Equity Commission since its inception and have been a key advocate for its success

  • Continued to advocate for our neighbors who feel the stain of racism by creating a hate speech and discrimination package of work that involves collaboration and coalition with other public agencies and community organizations, resources for the affected, safety planning, and relooking at our sponsorship process

  • Assisted with the City's new communication efforts like roundtables, open houses, and public outreach

  • Attended over 100 constituent meetings

  • Coordinated American Rescue Plan Act dollars to organizations that help some of our most vulnerable community members, including children experiencing abuse, domestic violence survivors, and those experiencing homelessness.


Sustainable Future

  • Advocated for safer transportation options no matter if you drive, bike, roll, or walk

  • Ebike rebate program

  • Reinvested tourism tax dollars into sustainability projects that will benefit residents and tourists alike while taking care of our environment

  • Initiated the Rethink Waste Project to improve recycling at multifamily residential buildings and teach residents about food waste prevention and diversion.

  • Planned for a new public works building that will be all electric 

  • Introduced and passed an ordinance that prohibited pet stores from selling commercially bred pets

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